Four Home Building Cost Savings Tips

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Building your dream home requires a careful balancing of your desires with your budget. Cost savings begin before you even pick out the building lot and house plan. The following are four tips that can lower the cost of your build.

Tip 1: Hire a Builder First

All too often, the lot is purchased and then a builder is hired. This can be a big mistake that costs thousands. Instead, interview and hire your builder first. They can then walk prospective lots with you and point out any issues that the site may have when it comes to construction. In some cases, lots priced low due to a slope or other issue can be the best deal if you have a builder that knows how to work with the limitation.

Tip 2: Don't Overbuild

Building your home means getting your dream home, right? While this may be true, you want to avoid overbuilding. First, consider the other homes in the neighborhood when designing your home since the rest of the neighborhood can have more of an impact on your home's value than your home's square footage. Further, be realistic about your own needs so you don't end up building more house than you need or can afford.

Tip 3: Match the Building to the Site

Every site is different, so you need to match the home's style and design to fit the site. If you are building on a slope, work with your building contractor to design a home that is made to be on a slope; otherwise, you will be footing the bill for costly excavation, filling, and site preparation. Further, site preparation adds time to the build along with increased labor costs. For this reason, avoid choosing a home plan until after you have purchased the lot you will be building on.

Tip 4: Work From a Stock Plan

A custom plan may sound like the perfect option, but in actuality, there is likely a stock plan already out there that provides everything you want in a home. Custom plans simply add to the cost of the build. Further, there can be hidden costs that won't become apparent until construction starts. Stock plans have likely been built a few times, and any issues have already been worked out, so your home won't be the guinea pig. Your builder can help you add a few custom features to a stock plan so the home still feels unique.

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