Things To Ask An Interior Painting Contractor Before You Hire Them

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When you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to make some changes in the way your home looks and feels, a good place to start is with interior painting. How different a space can be with a simple color change can be amazing. There is no rule as to how you have the rooms painted. It will be up to you and the painting contractor. Not every contractor provides the same type of services, so it is important to have a clear idea of what it is you want and expect before talking with them. Interview a few different companies that provide interior painting services and make sure you choose the one that will be able to complete the job the way you want and need it done. Here are a few things to include in the interview.


The condition of the walls to be painted have a direct impact on the preparation needed before any painting can be done. Not all contractors perform all the different prep tasks. They will be sure to tape off areas, move some furniture out of the way, and put down drop clothes to protect the flooring and furniture. However, they may not wash the walls to be painted or repair any drywall that is cracked or has holes. Anything the contractor will not do, you must do yourself or have someone else do before the painters show up.


Not all painting contractors will paint patterns or designs on the walls. They will paint the different walls different colors, but each wall must have a single color on it. If  you want to paint the top half of the wall one color and the bottom another, you need to be sure the painters will do this for you. Be sure to discuss anything out of the ordinary you may want to be sure they can do it. 


After the paint dries, you are going to notice spots or areas that need to be touched up. Sometimes you may not notice a problem for a few days, maybe even a week. You need to know how long you have to find any flaws and report them to the contractor to have touch-up work done. 

Go ahead and look through different magazines to get an idea of what you want your interior walls to look like. Then, go to a paint store and pick out some colors. Talk with a few different contractors and make sure you hire the one that can do exactly what you want.

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