Do You Have a Large Crawl Space You Want to Turn Into a Basement? Get Costs from Construction Experts Today

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A house that has a small partial basement, but a large crawl space is a missed opportunity to have a big basement with a lot of extra living space. If your house is like this and you are interested in having a bigger basement area, you want to talk with local construction companies to see what can be done.

There are some ways to expand the basement, and if you don't want to leave the house it will be worth investing the time and money for this project. Here are some of the things that you'll want to get the details on.

Foundation Quotes

The most difficult part about this basement renovation will be to not damage the current foundation of the home and to see if the foundation around the crawl will withhold during the changes. Talk with foundation experts about digging out the crawl space and pouring new walls to make the crawl area a regular basement space.

Structural Concerns

You don't want the structure of the home above the crawl space at risk. Have the construction professionals consult with structural engineers to see what support beams will be needed in the space. Adding beams instead of posts will help to keep the space open and may be necessary to ensure that the structure of the home isn't compromised.

Concrete Costs

Not only is the labor a large portion of the cost for this project, but concrete. New concrete flooring and foundation walls have to be poured for this project to be completed. Talk with the construction professionals about what the cost of the concrete will be.

Finishing Expenses

If you plan on using the new basement area for living space, you will have the finishing expenses for the area. This could include a window, padding and carpeting, electrical installation drywall, and more. You may also need another sump pump for the space. Total up the finishing expenses to see what this adds to the cost.

If you need an extra bedroom, a home office, or just an extra area where you can go in the house, and you don't want to move or sell, adding this space in the basement may be worth the cost to you. Talk with the construction companies like Grantham Construction Co Inc to see what your total cost will be to make the changes and decide if you want to make this investment in your home.