Are Storm Windows A Good Option For Your House?

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Storm windows offer some benefits for your home that can affect the efficiency of the home and can save you money, but how do you know if you need them or not? There are some things you can do to determine if you need storm windows on your home or not.

Air Leaks Around Windows

One of the most compelling reasons to install storm windows on your home is to increase the efficiency of the home. Air leaking around the windows is a sure way to cause the temperatures to change in the home and make the HVAC system work harder.

Cold air coming in around the windows in the winter is the most noticeable condition, and when the weather is bad, adding a layer of protection against the cold can make a big difference in the comfort of the home.

If you think you have cold air getting in around the windows, put your hand near the window frame and feel for cold spots or hold a lit candle near the window and see if the flame flickers. This indicates a draft around the window that needs sealing.

Historic Windows

Older homes sometimes have historic styling that you do not want to change too much. If the home has very old glass in the windows, the insulating properties may be very low and the putting storm windows on the home can help keep the cold out. You may want to find a historically correct storm window option for the house or have your storm windows custom made to fit the home if you are trying to keep the house original.

Frequent Storm Damage

If your home is in an area that sees frequent storms, the windows may have damage to them. Installing storm windows over the existing windows adds a layer of protection to the window and using modern storm windows means you have the option for heavier laminated glass. 

You may want to consider impact-resistant glass for your storm windows if flying debris is common. Homes along the coast that are regularly in the path of hurricanes and tropical storms can benefit from an impact-resistant glass. 

If you are not sure your home will benefit from storm windows, check with your local glass company about the options and what the most common storm windows used in your area are. The window company can help you understand the differences in the windows and determine if your home needs storm windows or not. 

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