3 Tips For Having An Irrigation Well Installed On Your Property

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If you are serious about taking good care of your lawn, you might have thought about having an irrigation system and an irrigation well installed. The irrigation well will be great for providing an affordable and non-restricted water source for your irrigation system, making it a great thing to install on your property. These are some of the tips you'll probably want to remember when having an irrigation well installed on your property so that you'll be happy with the installation.

1. Find Out Where it Can Be Installed

First, make sure that you are allowed to have an irrigation well installed on your property. This usually isn't a problem for homeowners, but some areas have different restrictions and requirements, so you'll need to contact your building code office and your homeowner's association to make sure that you have permission. Along with making sure that you are allowed to have the irrigation well, you will also want to make sure that the well is installed in the right place to prevent problems later on. You might be required to have the well installed a certain distance away from your property lines, for example. Be aware of these restrictions to make sure that your irrigation well is installed in the right place.

2. Ask to Have a Discreet Well Installed

One thing that you could be worried about when it comes to having an irrigation well installed is about whether or not it will be an eyesore. Many people worry about this, but you shouldn't be concerned. The well can be installed discreetly, and you should only be able to notice something that looks like a capped pipe when the project is completed. If you are concerned, ask someone from the company that is installing your irrigation well to install a well that is discreet, and that is not an eyesore.

3. Have Additional Hose Bibs Installed

The whole point of having an irrigation well installed on your property is so that you can use it to provide your irrigation system with water. However, if you have additional hose bibs installed, you can use your irrigation well as a water source for other things, too, such as filling up your swimming pool during the summer or washing your car. Then, you'll save a little more money from the installation and use of your water well, and you'll have fewer water restrictions to worry about for basic outdoor things.

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