Your New School Floor: Maintaining It

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If, after careful budgeting, you've been able to set some cash aside for a completely new floor for your stage auditorium or gym, everyone is happy. However, because you don't want to immediately deal with repairs or any damage, maintaining it is everyone's responsibility. How might your floor be preserved?

1-Applying Sealant 

If you resisted the additional cost of a sealant coat that would go over your shiny, pristine floor, reconsider. Even if you clean the floor daily, a sealant coat will create a solid barrier between the floor and anything which comes into contact with it. In fact, you should ask your installation contractor about applying a sealant every few years for floor preservation.

2-Using Mats

Area mats can encourage people to wipe shoes of mud, dirt, snow and other environmental debris that is brought in. They'll also prevent regular dust and spilled liquids from the locker room or the dressing room from making it onto the clean, new floor.

Ensure that mats themselves are properly maintained; if they begin to fray or rip, they're no longer as effective and should be replaced.

3-Removing Shoes

Most debris on any auditorium or gym floor comes from shoes. If it is possible, and if shoes aren't necessary for an activity, consider setting up shoe cubbies and directing everyone to it before a class or rehearsal. For example, a yoga class can be taught without shoes, as can warm-up acting exercises. You might not be able to keep shoes off the floor for most activities, but look for any moments where that could happen.

4-Covering the Floor

Repeated floor use could mean scratches are inevitable. To avoid damage, consider foam coverings for informal use of the floor. Holding gym classes in the space with foam-covered flooring will not only protect the floor, but could protect running students who fall from time to time.


Of course, frequent cleaning is important. Avoid hard-bristled brooms; opt for cloth or other soft brooms that will wipe away dust. Students can assist; drama club members or basketball players who use the floor after school can make this a regular part of their own activities, ensuring it's done.

Protecting your auditorium or gym floor installation is dependent on attention to these kinds of maintenance issues. Talk with peers, students, staffers and teachers about the floor and how they can also help to keep it clean and undamaged. Contact a company, like Thayer Decorating Center, for more help.