What NOT To Expect During A Well Pump Replacement Project

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You once heavily relied on that submersible well pump to provide you with water from your private well, but the thing has been down for a while and it is obviously time for a replacement. Before you roll up your sleeves and get to work on this tedious task, make sure you know what to expect, and perhaps more importantly, what not to expect during the whole ordeal. Here are a few things you should not expect during a well pump replacement project. 

Don't expect to pull the old submersible pump out alone. 

You may look up the specs on the particular well pump you have in place and think you can handle the weight of the thing no problem. However, you have to consider that a well pump is going to have a long tubular pipe attached to it, which in itself is going to add a lot of weight. Not to mention, there is a pretty good chance the water pipe and the pump will be full of water unless your well is completely dry. Submersible pumps can be extremely difficult to pull out of the ground by hand all by yourself, no matter how strong you may be, so enlist a few good helping hands. 

Don't expect the well pump to look like it did when you put it down the well. 

Some well owners are all out shocked when they pull out their old well pump for the first time after it has been submerged for many years. The thing may look nothing like it did when it went down, and this doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem with the well or the well water. You may have algae all over the pump and grime so thick you can no longer tell what the pump looks like. This is pretty normal, so don't freak out and decide based on this that your well is no good. 

Don't expect to throw away the entire well pump system. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you are trying to replace a well pump is to pull the thing out and toss it without giving it some consideration. Well pumps are almost always repairable; they are made that way on purpose because they can be a costly investment. Even if you can't repair the well pump, keep it instead of throwing it away. There is a good chance those parts could save you a lot of money later on. 

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