Is Your Well Water Pump On Its Last Leg?

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A well water pump can last for several years. During that time, regular maintenance of your pump can extend its life and ensure it is functioning properly. However, at some point, you will need to replace the pump. When the pump is malfunctioning, you must decide if replacing or repairing it is the right move. Here are some signs that your well pump needs a complete replacement.

Water Performance

The water coming from your faucets and the plumbing lines will likely be the first sign you have that your water well pump is on the fritz. The water might sputter when it comes out or look cloudy. You might even some fizzing when the water is collected in a bowl or cup.

When the pump is malfunctioning, you might hear rattling in the pipes. The rattling will grow louder over time. The rattling can sometimes be the result of air in the pipes that is being pulled in by the well water pump.

Energy Bills

Your well water pump relies on energy to function. When the pump is not functioning properly, it might run continuously to maintain the water pressure that is needed. Unfortunately, this will cause your energy bills to significantly increase.

The increase might be gradual, but as the pump experiences more problems, your energy bills will grow even more. At the same time, the increased usage means more wear and tear on the pump. Even if it was not to the point of being replaced when the problems initially started, it will likely need replacement if it is not serviced soon.


Regardless of how your well water pump is performing, it will need to be replaced after several years. The average pump can last about 10 years at least. If your pump is near or older than the 10-year point, it is likely that it is time for replacement.

There are some factors that you should also consider when evaluating the condition of your well water pump. Although the age is a good indicator, if the pump has been well cared for, there is a chance that its lifespan has been extended. You also must consider the usage of the pump and the amount of water that it is responsible for drawing.

The best way to gauge whether it is time for a new well water pump is to have it inspected by a professional service provider.