Jobs That A Masonry Service Can Handle Around Your Home

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When it comes to the upkeep of your home, one of the contractors you should think about hiring is a masonry service. While plumbers, electricians, and general contractors can all play a role in helping you keep your home in proper working order, a mason is the right professional to whom you should turn for a number of exterior projects. It's worthwhile to contact a few masonry services in your area and discuss your needs. You can then evaluate each service's rates, attentiveness over the phone, and other factors to help make your decision. Here are three jobs that a masonry service can handle for you.

Parging Repair

If you walk around the perimeter of your home and look at the area between the bottom edge of the home's siding and the ground, you'll typically see a gray, concrete-like surface. This material is known as parging — a solution that is mixed and applied to the foundation of your home to keep moisture out. Over time, the parging can crack, which will allow water to seep through and sit against the foundation. If ignored, a damaged foundation can result. A masonry service can chip off any worn-out parging and add a new layer to the area.

Mortar Repair

For homeowners who have at least one exterior brick wall, it's important for the thin layer of mortar between the layers of bricks to retain its integrity. Over time and perhaps due to faulty building, mortar can crack and crumble. If you look at a brick wall outside your home, you might notice that the mortar is loose or chipped in certain area. As with damaged parging, cracked or missing mortar can allow moisture to seep into exterior wall of your home, which can lead to further issues. By replacing the mortar in the affected areas, your masonry service will protect your home.

Chimney Repair

If you have a fireplace, you may hire a chimney cleaner to clean out the chimney annually. But you also need to think about the health of the exterior of the chimney. Due to exposure to the elements, the chimney can begin to break down — the mortar can crack and the bricks may become loose and even fall out of the position. A masonry service that specializes in chimney repairs is the right company to call in this situation. A mason will be able to visit your home and restore the exterior of the chimney to safe working order.

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