Tips To Help You Restore And Paint Your Damaged Wooden Garage Door

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Your garage door can receive a lot of abuse and wear over the years from vehicles, yard toys, wind, and precipitation. After many years, a wooden door that was once in good condition can become water damaged and pitted and can develop dry rot. Here are some tips to help you renovate and restore your wood garage door's appearance.

Remove Dry Rot and Weather Damage

Winters of snow and ice and summers of heavy storms can leave your garage door suffering—especially the bottom edge of the door, which can sit in standing water. First, use a hand sander or a sanding block with a medium-rough grit to sand off any peeling and warped wood.

Use the end of a screw driver to test the wood for any dry rot. Areas of dry rot will easily be penetrated by the screw driver. With an electric reciprocating hand saw, cut out areas of damage on your garage door, and also cut smooth any ragged edges in a damaged area. 

Use Auto Body Filler 

Cut a section of plywood to fit within any large voids where you removed damage, and attach the plywood with wood screws. Use auto body filler to fill around the edges of the patch and to make the surface of the repair uniform with the remainder of the door.

Use a putty knife to form up the edges and corners to make the repair blend in. You may need to apply the filler in more than one layer, allowing each layer to set up before applying the next to build up the repair to an appropriate thickness. Use auto body filler to patch in any dents and smaller holes, pressing and smoothing the filler on the door with a putty knife.

Allow the filler to set fully, then sand its surface with a fine-grit sanding block or electric sander. Paint the repaired area with a primer and matching paint to match the rest of the garage door.

Repaint Your Door

If you want to repaint the entire garage door or apply a faux finish, sand down the door finish with a medium-grit sander to roughen up the surface. This will help the new layer of primer adhere onto its surface. Then, wipe down the garage door with a wet cloth to remove any sanding grit. Be sure to paint the door during a period of mild weather with no precipitation in the forecast.

Select a latex exterior primer and paint for your garage door, and be sure to mask around its edges, and lay down a painting tarp so you don't get paint on your driveway.

If you'd like to learn how a professional can help with your garage door repair, you can check it out here.