Do You Really Need A Boat Lift Remote?

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Storing your boat on a boat lift helps you clean and maintain the boat. It also keeps it out of water that could harbor organisms like barnacles that would try to stick to the bottom of the boat if it were stored in water. If you've been using an old manual boat lift, you might want to convert to using a remote for the lift. Automating your boat lift is one of the best things you can do to protect both your health and the safety of the boat.

Frees You Up

Chances are you're not going to always have other people with you when you use your boat. Surely you've encountered those days when there's a lot of rough water and wind, and you have to somehow operate the boat lift while still trying to keep the boat steady as it gradually leaves the water. With a remote lift, you can concentrate on dealing with the boat, rather than running back and forth between the lift controls and the boat itself.

Be sure the remote you get has an auto-stop option. Otherwise, you'll have to keep an eye on the remote and lift in order to stop it. Auto-stop does that work for you, as the name implies.

Less Physical Stress for You

Instead of trying to haul the boat out or manage the lift yourself, a remote will do all that, freeing you from the physical work involved in using a manual boat lift. While you might not have a problem now, as you get older, or if you hurt yourself, using a manual lift is going to become harder.

Faster Docking in Bad Weather

If the weather has turned on you at the lake, river, or ocean, and you need to get the boat out fast and find shelter, a remote control for the lift is essential. Let the automatic functions of the remote take care of removing the boat while you gather up other loose items to stow them away for the duration of the bad weather.

Remotes come with different options and in different sizes, so start looking for one now so you have adequate time to find one that works well with your lift. Remember that the number of motors on your lift will also affect which remote you can get. Talk to a seller or manufacturer of lifts, like Abbotts' Construction Services Inc., to see if there are remotes they recommend.