2 Residential Landscaping Features To Add To Your Front Yard

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When it comes to the exterior of your home, the landscaping is going to be incredibly important. One aspect of your landscaping that should be carefully thought out and planned is your front yard. You want this part of your landscape to not only be functional, but to look great too. There are certain landscaping features that you can add to your front yard to make it look really great and to give it a finished look that others will also find visually appealing. This article is going to discuss 2 landscaping features to add to your front yard. 

Water Fountain

One fun feature that you can add to your front yard is going to be a water fountain. You can choose a fountain that is any size that you'd like and you can also pick the location for your fountain, making it more or less of a focal point in your yard. You can choose to go with a fountain that looks to be more natural and is made out of natural shaped stone or you can choose to go with a very modern fountain that has a high gloss finish and an angular look. Caring for a fountain is generally going to be quite simple, and you will just want to remove the build up that forms on the fountain overtime. You will likely enjoy watching the water in the fountain as you sit on your porch, and those who drive or walk past your home can enjoy it's beauty as well. 


Another great piece to add to your front yard is going to be one or more spotlights. Spotlights are great for your front yard because they have two purposes. They are not only going to spotlight the parts of your yard that you would like people to be able to see at night, such as your flower beds, your flag, your water fountain, your walkways, etc., but they are also going to do an excellent job of providing an added level of safety to your property as well. People are going to be much less likely to try and sneak onto your property to cause potential damage to your home, to take your belongings, etc, because they are going to realize that they are going to be in a spotlight. This is going to make it much easier for you and for anyone who is outside to see them and report them. 

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