Signs It's Time To Repave

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If you own a commercial center that has its own parking lot, you know that you can't let things like potholes sit for very long. Damage like that calls for immediate patching, if not outright repaving. However, absent a spot of major damage like a divot, at what point is your lot ready for repaving? If your parking lot is showing any of these signs, you need to get it repaved lest your customers think you don't take care of the center.

Not So Even

Typical parking lots are mostly level, with maybe some slight inclines. But if you've seen parts of the lot start to dip down, you need to remove the asphalt, have the base fixed, and then repave the lot. Sagging spots with lots of cracks, like what are called alligator cracks, indicate that the base is either eroding or sinking. That's fairly urgent because it can result in a major failure of the lot's surface.

Ragged Edges

Check the edges of the lot, particularly if the paving stops before fences or walls and leaves a strip of dirt or grass. Crumbling, ragged edges indicate that either the base near the edges is eroding, or there's a lack of support and structure in nearby sections of the lot. As heavy cars bear down on the defective section, the effects of the weight pressing down on the section can radiate out to the edges, leading the edges to wrinkle up and crumble. It is possible that people have just been stepping too heavily on the edges themselves, but even then, that's not healthy for the integrity of the rest of the lot.

More Cracks Than Paint

Even if the lot seems stable, if there are so many cracks that parking spot paint stripes are outnumbered greatly, you need to repave. Cracked lots look terrible, and tenants and customers alike are going to wonder why you aren't taking care of the center. They may start to wonder if the buildings are in the same poor shape as the lot. Get the lot repaved so that your center looks snazzy.

Start getting bids from different paving companies and find out their estimated times of completion. It is possible to pave different sections of the lot at different times, so you can preserve at least some parking while the work goes on, though closing everything off for a few days to have it all done at once could be better. The paving company will help you figure out the best way to proceed. Contact a company like Lakeridge Paving Company to learn more.