Tips For Cooling Your Attic

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If you are a homeowner, you likely want every part of your house to be usable. However, during the summer, your attic might not be usable due to the fact that it is so hot. In order to ensure that you are maximizing your use of your home's square footage, you will need to rectify this situation. Here are some tips for cooling your attic so that you can use it as a bedroom, a study, or for any other reason.

1. Switch to White Shingles

The first thing that you can do to keep your attic cooler during the summer is swap out your black shingles for white ones. White shingles reflect light and therefore will allow you to make sure that your roof is not absorbing a great deal of heat. This will allow you to keep your attic cooler overall. It will also help you make sure that you keep the rest of your house cooler as well.

2. Improve Your Insulation

Hot air is going to rise so, without any additional cooling measures, your attic is going to be hotter than the rest of your house. However, if you improve your insulation so that your attic is airtight, you can prevent the hot outside air from coming into your attic and heating it up unnecessarily. This will further allow you to ensure that your attic remains as cool as humanly possible.

3. Add Air Conditioning

Talk to the contractors that put in your central air conditioning system. You will not be able to redirect the air from your current system to the attic with much efficacy because cool air falls. However, you will definitely be able to add a window air conditioner that will complement your current central air conditioning service and allow you to ensure that you are maximizing your cooling. Your air conditioning contractor will be able to suggest the right size window air conditioner for your needs.

4. Consider a Radiant Barrier

Finally, consider adding a radiant barrier on top of your white shingles and insulation. This will further protect your attic from the sun's rays and decrease the amount of heat that it absorbs regularly.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in air conditioning services and repairs, such as Doctor Fix-It. They will be able to help you assess your attic's cooling situation and make changes that are specific to your particular situation.