Patio Concrete Renewal Guide

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An old concrete patio can begin to look quite shabby between cracks, stains, and general grubbiness. In the past, this often meant tearing up the old concrete and laying new—a time consuming and often expensive process. Now you have more options, including renewing your old patio so it looks better than it did when new. The following guide can help you better understand the process.

Candidates for renewal

Stains, as well as minor cracks and pitting, are typically no barrier to renewing a patio. The only time that renewal may not be an option is if the patio has settled so severely that part of the slap is elevated above another along a crack. Sometimes the concrete contractor can jack the lower slab back up and add filler beneath it, but more often the slab must be removed so that the foundation beneath the patio can be better stabilized.

Stain renewal options

If the main issue is stains and discoloration, then you have access to some simple concrete renewal options. Often, a simple power washing will remove any stains or dirt. If you want more of a facelift, acid staining can be done to make the concrete a new color and even to add designs or a mosaic look to the patio. This works best when there are no cracks to contend with, although the contractor may be able to camouflage a few minor cracks by integrating them into the design that is placed on the concrete.

A whole new surface

When cracks or pitting are an issue, you may need more than a clean and a stain. In this case, the contractor will first fill any wide cracks with a concrete and resin polymer. Then, they will apply a concrete resurfacer to the top of the patio. This is a cement-polymer mixture that is applied in a thin coat over the surface of the concrete so it looks like new. You can even get more creative and have it dyed a specific color or have aggregate mixed in to give the appearance of a pebbled surface. Although there are DIY products, they can be difficult to work with because they set up quickly. They are best reserved for small areas, not for larger patios where a professional touch ensures success.

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