Five Important Things To Keep In Mind With Choosing A Well Site

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If you live in a rural area, you likely depend on a well and a well pump to deliver water for drinking, bathing, toilets, and other household needs. If you're building a new residence or if your existing well is not delivering the amount of water you need, you'll need to have a new well drilled. However, before you let your contractor loose with his or her equipment, you'll want to discuss the best site for the well. While a convenient and unobtrusive location are important, there are many other things that you need to consider before you start digging.

1. Distance from the house. Distance from your home is not just a matter of convenience. Having your well sited nearer to your structure will help keep the water flowing smoothly and even encourage your household to use and drink more water (a healthy option.)

2. The direction the ground water is moving. You'll want your well to be located upwater from your septic system or any other potential source of contaminants. In general, water is naturally-filtered as it seeps through the ground. Therefore, a high spot not only keeps you from getting water in your well that has pooled and collected potentially-harmful elements, but it gives the water more distance to perform this natural filtering process.

3. Distance from creeks, streams, and other waterways. While scenic, these waterways can also be a source of contaminants. It's best to dig the well at least 50 feet (or around 15 meters) away from the water bed.

4. The geological studies. You don't way to pay to drill where there isn't a lot of water. Your contractor will go over the geological study of your property and explain why he or she recommends a particular location.

5. Distance from agricultural fields. You'll also want your well to be drilled well away from agricultural fields that are sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, as these chemicals can make their way into the ground water.

The site you choose for your well will, in large part, determine how successful your well will be in supplying your household's water needs as well as keeping you and your family healthy. In addition to convenience, consider the well's distance from any waterways, its distance from contaminating sources like your septic system, and the geological studies of your property. A well that is sited in a carefully considered location can deliver water to your home successfully for decades. Contact a company like Advanced Drilling to get started.