5 Bathroom Accessories That Should Be Heated for a Better Bathroom Experience

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Whether you are remodeling your entire bathroom or simply wanting to update your bathroom with a few new accessories, one of the main things you should consider adding is more heat to your bathroom. Warm surfaces can be comfortable, innovative, and luxurious. Below is a list of five heated accessories you may want to add to your bathroom to create a better bathroom experience. 

The Vanity Mirror

After you get out of a steaming hot shower, it is likely that your bathroom mirror has too much condensation for your to use it immediately. Although proper ventilation and anti-fog sprays can reduce the amount of fog on your bathroom mirror, it can still be difficult to use after a shower or bath and impossible for your spouse to use while you are showering or bathing. If time is short when you are getting ready, then you should consider having a heated mirror installed. 

Heated mirrors have electrical wires installed on the back that gently heat the mirror, making it less likely for the mirror to get foggy. Contractors can add a heating system to your current mirror or install a custom mirror with a heating system. While you are making your mirror usable in the moist bathroom environment, consider adding a heated mirror to your shower area so you can complete more precise grooming while in the shower.  

The Shower Seat 

Shower seats are one of the top trends of the year. They allow you to relax while taking a shower and help make showers more accessible to people with mobility issues. However, a cold shower seat may not be appealing. While you can spray hot water on your shower seat to heat it up before sitting down, installing a heated shower seat ensures that your seat stays warm and comfortable while you shower, without wasting extra water to heat it. 

The Bathtub or Shower Pan 

Have you ever drawn a hot bath and then realized that your tub still feels cool to your skin when you sit in it? Or perhaps you have avoided taking a shower in the morning because your feet feel cold when they touch your shower pan.

Even if you do not want a spa bathtub, you can still increase the comfort of your regular bathtub by installing an electric heating pad behind and beneath the tub. Similarly, a heating pad can be installed beneath an acrylic shower pan. If you are getting a new tub or shower pan installed in your bathroom, your contractor can easily add a heating source. This is especially true for surround tubs. It may be more difficult for your contractor to design a heating system to work with a free-standing tub. 

The Towel Rack

A heated towel rack can be attached to your bathroom wall, similarly to a standard, non-heated rack. However, it has the added bonus of making your towel warm for you while you are showering or bathing. It also adds radiant heat to your bathroom, making it more comfortable overall. Finally, if you have a larger heated towel rack installed, you can also put your clothing on the rack to make them warm, dry, and comfortable for you. 

The Toilet Seat 

There are many heated toilet seats available today. They can make it more comfortable to sit on a toilet when your bathroom is cold. Some models also feature soft lighting either beneath the seat or on the cover, making it easier to go to the bathroom at night without turning on more powerful and distracting overhead lights. 

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you should discuss the best way to add heated accessories with your contractor, as they can design your bathroom in a way that will hide and protect any heating wires. To learn more about your options, contact services like Central Plumbing Specialties.