3 Areas Where Custom Glass Will Give You A Truly Unique Home

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If you are looking for a unique feature that will make your home stand out from your friends' and neighbors' homes, then you should consider the unique ways that you can use custom glass in your home. While almost any application of custom glass makes your home more unique, there are few areas where glass is seldom used and can be integrated in a way that will make your home stand out from the rest. Here are three areas where you may not think about using custom glass but which can give your home a unique and interesting look. 


Sinks are made from many different materials including porcelain, stone, concrete, and metal. A glass sink can transform a bathroom into a more modern, interesting room. When you are ordering a custom made glass sink, you should think about unusual shapes that you can use. For example, instead of a round basin or bowl, you might order a more angular shape such as a cube or a pyramid. You could also consider the option of a sink that appears like it is floating as opposed to sitting on a traditional stand or cabinet. 

When ordering a custom glass sink, you should consider its thickness. A thicker sink may look more strong and stable in your bathroom, making people more comfortable using it. They also draw more attention and allow you to opt for various types of beveling and sanding along the edges, which can make your sink look more interesting. However, even thin glass can be suitable for a sink as long as it is properly tempered to increase its durability. You should also consider how you will connect the sink to a drainage pipe and make sure that it either stands on its own or is fastened securely to a counter. 

Room Dividers 

If you have a large combination area, such as a living room that bleeds into a dining room, you might consider separating the two areas with a large sheet of custom glass. Frosted or colored options are a good choice because they provide more visual privacy while still allowing light to flow between the two areas.

While you are getting your room partition installed, you should think about fitting glass shelves to the partition. This can be an excellent way to display art, collectibles, and other meaningful objects. Alternatively, consider an intricate etching or stained glass option on the panel, both of which will be emphasized when the light in the room behind the panel is turned on, creating an intimate, low-lit space in the second room.  

Breakfast Bars 

Glass has been a popular option for dining room tables and coffee tables, but one dining surface it is not often used for is a breakfast bar. You could consider adding a breakfast bar to the center island in your kitchen, or between your kitchen and dining room, if you have an open plan. A thin piece of glass with minimal hardware can look like it is hovering in the room, giving your kitchen a more modern feel. Alternatively, a thick, frosted glass with an irregular shape can make your room feel more homey and comfortable. 

If you are looking for a way to express yourself in your home, you should consider the many uses of custom glass. However, before you start a project, you may want to speak with a contractor with experience installing custom glass projects to help determine your installation needs, such as what type of glass you should order and your options for hardware and installation points. This will help ensure that you safely install quality glass that will meet your needs and last for a long time. For more ideas, contact a custom glass company like Sound Glass Sales, Inc