4 Reasons Why Every Homeowner Should Paint Their Roof White

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One quick look around your neighborhood and you will see a lot of black rooftops. While a black roof may be the norm, it's not the best color for a roof. Instead, take into consideration the US Department of Energy's recommendation to paint your roof with a solar reflective white coating, which can reduce the temperature of your roof by 50 degrees or more. This white coating has many benefits, including reducing your roof maintenance requirements, having a cooler home interior, and helping to control global temperatures. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing benefits of having a white roof.

1. Requires Less Maintenance Than a Black Roof

It's well known that black absorbs heat. This is the reason why black roof shingles warp and crack over a relatively short period of time. After a few years of it being in direct sunlight, you have to replace your entire roof. This doesn't happen as quickly with roofs that have been painted with a white reflective paint. Since white doesn't absorb heat as much as black does, your white shingles won't become dry and brittle from extreme heat. You won't have to replace warped and cracked shingles every year. In fact, black roofing materials will almost always need to be replaced before white roofing materials will need to be replaced.  

2. Regulates the Temperatures in Your Home

Think about it. You probably live in a neighborhood with black streets, black driveways and parking lots, and black rooftops. All of these black surfaces attract, absorb, and retain heat. This means that the air around all these black surfaces is hotter than other areas. The same holds true inside your home.

As the temperature rises in your home due to your black roof absorbing and trapping heat, you start turning on fans and air conditioners to lower the temps. This increases your energy bill and can reduce the life of your air conditioner as it struggles to battle the heat. But if you have a white roof, the sun's hot rays will be reflected away from your home, keeping it much cooler inside your house. This keeps your energy bills low, and your air conditioner will last much longer, too.

3. Helps Control Temperatures on a Global Scale

It was stated above that having a white roof will reduce the temperatures in and around your home, but it will also help reduce temps worldwide. The more homes with white roofs, the cooler the Earth's surface will be. And lower temperatures means a reduction in smog. A good example is a study that was done that showed if all flat roofs in warm climates were painted white, the results would be the same as if 300 million vehicles were taken off the road for 20 years. Now that is a positive impact on global air quality.

How to Get a White Roof

If you are now convinced a white roof is for you, all you need to do is visit your local home improvement store, hardware shop, or other retailer who sells exterior paint. Then buy a few pails of white reflective paint. It is painted onto your existing roof shingles with a paintbrush and/or rollers, just like regular paint. You will want to put 2 thick coatings of white paint on your shingles for the best effect. It will cost you about $0.50 to $1.00 per square foot to have your roof painted with a white reflective coating. That cost will be paid back to you in terms of the money you'll save on your energy bills and the longer life span of your roof.

If you'd prefer to leave the work up to the professionals, contact your local roof repair contractor. He or she would be happy to help you.