Is It Time To Replace Your Plumbing?

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Like most things in life, plumbing doesn't last forever. With the passage of time, you'll find that your plumbing tubes and drains will wear thin and old. They'll succumb to rust and breaking. You might know that your plumbing needs to be replaced eventually, but you probably don't know when the best time to replace your plumbing is. There are a number of signs that point to the fact that its time to replace your plumbing, certain situations where your plumbing should be replaced immediately, as well as good reasons to re-plumb your whole house.

Signs Of Trouble

If your house is over 60 years of age, then you should make it your annual duty to look for trouble among your pipes. Check out any exposed piping that exists in your house and make sure that it does not look damaged.

Pipes that are flaky or are showing signs of rust are, without a doubt, becoming corroded. This isn't a good sign, and it's usually one that is telling you to replace the pipes. If any of the pipes are leaking, you might want to give them a good thorough check out, as well. No leak is insignificant in the world of pipes. Even a tiny leak can mean pipe damage and that your pipes are begging you to be replaced.

Discolored water is a definitive sign of corrosion. If you turn on your faucet and it is spraying out a brownish or yellow tinted color of water, even for a brief moment, then this is a tell tale sign that your pipes are growing in age and need a replacement.

If your water pressure is low, it could be due to the fact that your old pipes have corroded and built up so much debris that its preventing the water from exiting them properly. If you notice that your water pressure has gotten worse throughout the years, it is probably time to re-plumb your home.

Pipe Material That Should Be Replaced Immediately

When it comes to replacing pipes, there are some materials that need to be replaced as soon as humanly possible. Depending on what kind of pipe is in your home or place of business, it may need replacement sooner rather than later.

For example, pipes that are made out of copper generally need immediate replacement. Copper pipes were used on supply pipes many years ago and were phased out of vogue due to the fact that they corroded much more easily than pipes made out of other materials.

If your house is over 60 years of age, then you most likely have copper supply lines unless you have replaced them recently. Newer drain lines, such as those made out of PVC pipe, also tend to need to be replaced every 25 – 40 years or so. Other than that, most modern supply lines and drain lines are made from iron, and as such are incredibly resilient and efficient.

Steps To Take To Re-Plumb Your House

When you realize that you are having problems with your pipes, the first thing that you should do is have a whole house plumbing inspection. The plumber can determine if your home can be partially re-plumped or if you need to have a completely new plumbing system installed.  If your home needs to be partially re-plumbed, have the plumber begin by replacing lines that are already partially exposed, like under crawlspaces, in utility rooms, or in unfinished basements. Consider re-plumbing during renovations, as well, as pipes that are normally hidden behind walls will become exposed during the renovation process. If there are damaged or corroded pipes in hidden areas, you will have to bite the bullet and have walls removed to remove and replace these dangerous pipes. 

So, is it time to replace your plumbing? Hopefully, this brief article has shed a bit of light on the answer to that question for you. For more information, you'll want to contact local plumbing companies. You can see this website for more information about plumbing services in your area.