2 Construction Fencing Upgrades You Should Consider For Your Next Job

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As a contractor, you might be faced with thousands of decisions when you start each job. How many crewmembers should you dedicate to roofing? Which brackets would stabilize that load effectively? Unfortunately, the temporary fencing that surrounds your construction zone might be the last thing on your mind. However, using the right fence materials might make your site safer and better looking. Here are twoconstruction fencing upgrades you should consider for your next job:

1: Privacy Netting

After you set up a rock-solid chain link construction fence, you might figure the job is done. Unfortunately, giving other people the chance to watch your progress might cause problems down the road. Here are a few issues that might come up if people can see into your jobsite:

To keep people safe and to eliminate security threats, reinforce your fencing with privacy netting. This fabric mesh comes in a wide range of visibility strengths and colors, so that you can customize it for your job site. In addition to keeping wandering eyes away from your day-to-day activities, this fine mesh can also block wind gusts from kicking up dust around your job site, and keep construction debris inside the confines of your project area.

2: Sign Holder Brackets

After you secure the perimeter of your construction zone with a sturdy fence and a little privacy netting, you might need to label access points and to display SWPP documents. Unfortunately, if you slap a piece of poster board to your fence with a few cable ties, it might not stay there for long.

Fortunately, construction fencing companies make industrial grade sign holder brackets that can keep signs in place for the long haul. Here are a few other reasons you should invest in professional brackets:

By investing in the right fencing materials, you might be able to eliminate problems and keep your clients happy.