Maintain Your Privacy Without Giving Up The Advantages Of Windows: Two Options To Consider

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Placing a window inside a bathroom isn't always as simple as it may seem. In fact, bathrooms are often left unequipped with windows due to concerns over lack of privacy. In some bathrooms, a window may be provided, but it is often a narrow casement window located near the ceiling. This type of window often admits insufficient light and does not permit easy viewing for home occupants. However, there are other options for homeowners who want to maintain privacy in their bathrooms yet add the light-giving characteristics provided by windows. Below is more information about the advantages offered by two types of windows that can be installed in a bathroom:

Glass blocks

A glass block window is a retro-appearing option that also offers a lot of practical value to homeowners. Here are a few advantages you can obtain by having your bathroom windows constructed from glass blocks:

Frosted or etched glass

Another option for bathroom windows is the use of frosted or etched glass. Frosted glass is made by applying etching chemicals that permanently diffuse the surface of ordinary sheet glass. Frosted glass offers you the following advantages: