5 Causes Of Interior Windshield Cracks & Chips

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A majority of windshield cracks and chips occur due to debris like ice and rocks flying into the windshield. On rare occurrences, the inside portion of your windshield can be the part that gets cracked or chipped. When this occurs, the windshield repair process is typically the same and should be completed to prevent driving distractions on the road. If you're concerned about interior windshield cracks, then you should learn about the most common reasons that these cracks occur.

The following five causes of interior windshield cracks is something that every driver should be aware of.

Loose Electronics

As you brake your car, everything inside continues to move at the same speed. This is why items that are not properly secured can go flying and cause damage to the windshield. Small electronics have durable cases and hard edges that can easily crack the interior windshield. Luckily, the cracks that occur are often small enough to have a repair completed instead of a whole replacement.

When carrying electronics in the car, it's important to secure them as well as possible. Often, a cup holder is enough to hold them, but there are additional products to keep them secure. A docking station will keep phones and MP3 players secure while charging them at the same time. A phone gripper offers a place for a phone to stay secure and steady while driving. If the electronic device is not in use, the glove box or a storage compartment is ideal to completely protect the windshield.

Air Bag Deployment

If you're in a car accident, many parts of the exterior of the vehicle can easily get crushed or damaged. If the passenger air bag deploys, then your car's interior windshield could suffer a quick crack. When the air bag deploys, the top plastic piece is launched straight up towards the glass. With high speeds and sharp angles, the air bag cover can cause a quick crack.

If you have proper insurance coverage, then the repair costs for this type of damage can be paid for. If additional windshield damage was done during the accident, you may need a whole windshield replacement.


Taking pets on driving adventures is a great experience, but it's also important to be aware of the damage that they can cause. When pets ride in the passenger seat, they have the potential to cause damage to the front windshield. This can be done with paws, quick head movements, or if their body launches forward when the vehicle brakes suddenly. Even something like a loose pet carrier can launch up and hit the windshield.

When driving with pets, it's important to follow safety rules and recommendations. A crate or pet safety harness can keep them properly strapped and protected. Not only do you want to protect your vehicle, but your pet's health is important too.

Cleaning Products

Keeping the inside of a windshield clean is important for clear views and less distractions while you drive on the road. The cleaning products and supplies that you use can cause accidental damage to the windshield.

When cleaning the windshield, it's important to use soft rags that are not too abrasive. It's also important not to put too much pressure on the interior of your windshield. Scrub softly to create a clear and clean look on the windshield.

Child Tantrums

Driving with children can be hectic. When a child gets upset, it's not uncommon for them to cry, scream, and throw objects that they are holding. It's not about the parenting, it's about the child's ability to improperly control emotions. As these tantrums occur, your child may throw a toy or cup towards the windshield. The force and impact can easily cause a crack.

To help prevent these cracks, it's a good idea to remove any objects while the child has a tantrum. Explaining the rules of the vehicle can also help prevent these items from getting tossed around. Child car safety videos can also help implement these practices.

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