4 Benefits To Replacing Your Old Windows

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If you are seeking ways to make your home more comfortable and attractive while keeping utility costs down, you should consider having some or all of your existing windows replaced through a company like New Jersey Siding & Windows Inc, particularly if you live in an older structure. Houses that ere built before the early 1980s often have single-paned windows made from untreated glass that doesn't block damaging UV rays. Following are four great reasons to consider making window replacement your next home improvement project.

UV Protection

As mentioned above, the windows used in older construction weren't treated with UV resistant coatings. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause significant damage to furniture and flooring. Wood flooring and carpeting are much more susceptible to fading and general degradation caused by UV rays than tile or linoleum, and furniture upholstery of all kinds will fade substantially if it's placed in an area where it receives direct exposure to the sun. Of course, you can always close the blinds and pull the drapes to keep UV rays out of your home interior, but why live in gloomy darkness when the right windows will allow you to let the sun shine in without fear of damage to your furniture and floors.

Noise Control

If you ever find yourself annoyed by traffic sounds and neighborhood noises such as lawn mowers and loud children at play, you'll appreciate the noise minimizing properties of today's windows. Techniques designed to provide homeowners with relief from outside noises include:

The level of noise reduction necessary will vary depending on variables such as whether your home is located near railroad tracks or a busy highway, so be certain to discuss your options with your local contractor. Windows that are the most efficient at blocking outside noise are created using a combination of strategies that can be customized to fit the needs of individual properties.

Energy Cost Savings

Having replacement windows installed will also save money on your household heating and cooling bills. Not only will you notice a decline in your monthly utility costs, you might be eligible for a substantial tax credit if you follow Energy Star guidelines when replacing your window. Today's window sealing products and techniques all but eliminate drafts, and well-insulated windows may reduce indoor temperature fluctuations to the extent that homeowners may be able to meet their interior climate control needs with smaller and less expensive HVAC systems.

Improved Value and Aesthetics

Green is hot in today's real estate market, and anything you can do to your home to increase utility savings by decreasing energy use will cause your home to have more value on the open market. Even if you won't be ready to sell for a few years, window replacements are a good investment the future marketability of your home. They'll also increase the visual appeal of both the interior and exterior of your home, making it a more pleasant environment for both you and your family as well as increasing its appeal to prospective purchasers. Today's high performance windows have large glass surfaces and smaller frames than their counterparts of the past, and this will allow increased amounts of natural light to enter your home. Larger windows also make better focal points.

Additional benefits of having replacement windows installed exist, such as decreased vulnerability to the development of mold colonies due to lower household humidity levels -- you won't have condensation problems with today's superior windows. Your contractor can advise you on other aspects of window replacement that may be beneficial to your particular situation.