3 Things To Know About Marble Flooring Before Installing It In Your Office

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If your office building looks drab, giving it a makeover could make a world of difference. As you plan for this makeover, you might come across marble flooring while you are searching for options for the floor. Installing a marble floor is an ideal way to make your office look bright, stunning, and luxurious; however, it is important to know the following three things before you go through with purchasing it and having it installed.

Benefits of Marble Flooring

Besides the luxurious appearance of marble, choosing marble flooring for your office also offers other benefits, including:

Choosing marble is a great choice for many reasons, but hiring a professional to install it is vital.

Requirements for Installing Marble

The first thing you should realize is that you may have to pay more to have marble installed than for other flooring types, but this is because installing marble can be time-consuming. A tile installer must be very careful when cutting and installing the tiles, and it often takes a lot longer to install a marble floor than other types of tiles because of this.

Before an installer will begin the job, he or she must make sure that the floor can withstand the weight of the marble. Marble tiles are among the heaviest types of flooring tiles you can purchase, which means that a heavy-duty subfloor is necessary.

A subfloor is often made of concrete fiberboard, but there are other materials you can also use, and this floor is placed directly under the marble. A subfloor serves several purposes and is vital for marble flooring because it:

When a subfloor is installed, the installers will generally fill in all cracks. They will then sand the floor and check to make sure it is level.

Care and Maintenance of Marble

To keep your new marble floor clean and shiny, you can sweep it each day with a broom, and you can hire a professional marble cleaner to clean the floor from time to time. You should also wipe up spills from the marble as soon as possible because marble is porous, which means it absorbs liquids.

Hiring a professional from a firm like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc. is the best way to keep your marble flooring clean, and regular cleanings will help it last a lifetime. During a cleaning, a company will often complete several steps, including:

Getting this done monthly is better than waiting because marble is easier to maintain when it is cleaned often.

To learn more about marble flooring, or to get a quote to have your marble floors cleaned, contact a company that offers marble flooring services.